Do you have a belt system and what do the colours mean?

Do you have a belt system and what do the colours mean

Sensei Terry Lyon wearing the much coveted black belt

The grading system in Karate has been introduced for a variety of reasons. In modern day, it is a sign of having achieved a particular
skill level, that gives the student an indication on how they are progressing. As a visible sign, the colour of one’s belt lets other students in
the class know what skill level to expect from their fellow students. This makes partner training easier, and the newer students know where
to look for the more experienced students.

Traditionally in most Karate styles, there are 9 stages where students go from 9th kyu (kyu means student) to 1st Kyu wearing coloured belts,
and ultimately become 1st Dan (Black belt). Learn more about the history of Karate belts here.
Fashion-conscious Black belts can purchase specially ornamented Karate belts that stand out with Satin layers and logos to provide a more impressive look.

The grading procedure typically involves a training session where experienced Karateka (typically black belts from 1st Dan onwards) examine the performance of the students,
including basic techniques, Kata, and sparring. In general, the further you advance in the study of Karate, the more precision and also fighting spirit
is expected in the performance of all techniques. Familiarity with Dojo etiquette and also a good grasp of the Japanese terminology is also increasingly expected.