Do you have beginners-only classes?

beginners-only classesAnswer: Students are often worried joining in with other students who have already been training for some time. However, holding specific beginners only classes, is not the best way to teach someone Karate. You end up with the blind teaching the blind, where no-one knows what is going on.

By placing beginners in with the more advanced students, they are able to copy
correctly what the other students are doing as well as what the instructor is doing. And as we practice partner work, you will be paired with a more advanced student who can correctly show you what to do. In this way we are able to teach you Karate at a much faster rate and it is also safer training with experienced students.

You don’t need to worry about whether you’ll “get beaten up by little 6 yr old Karate kids” – presently we only take students from 10 years and up, as we are holding adults classes, to ensure a mature, relaxed and professional atmosphere that makes our Karate classes fun and effective.