Supplementary Training Equipment of Okinawan Karate – Japanese Terms


Sensei Terry Lyon demonstrating the Chishi

Traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do has developed a variety of tools used as supplementary training equipment.

One of these is the Chishi, pictured on the right. It consists of a short wooden staff that has a weight on the other end (a stone or a concrete mould).

Practicing with the Chishi allows for a great repertoire of supplementary training exercises, that strenghten the arms (the wrists in particular) but
can also be used for “tanden”, that is the toughening of legs, arms or hands.

Traditional Training Equipment

Chishi Stone lever weight
Ishisashi Stone padlock
Jari bako Sand box (Gravel, beans, iron fileings)
Kongo ken Oval metal weight
Makiwarra Striking post
Nigiri game Gripping jar
Tan Barbell
Tetsu geta Iron clogs

Nowadays, there is a great range of modern target training equipment available to improve focus and striking accuracy, such as punching mitts and focus targets.