Karate Techniques

Welcome to our online guide to Karate techniques. We aim to provide a simple tutorial that explains the most common Karate moves, describing their correct execution and application. Each Karate technique is accompanied by one or more color photographs that illustrate the technique. A picture is worth a 100 words, and the best way to learn Karate techniques is to practice them correctly.

Upper Block – Age Uke

Middle Block – Chudan Ude

Front Kick – Mae Geri

Groin Kick – Kin Geri

Elbow Strike – Hijiate

Palm Heel Strike – Chudan Uchi

Escape from Bear Hug

Escape from Hold with Knee Strike

Ude Tanren – Arm Blocking/Toughening Exercise

Karate Etiquette and Tradition

Meditation – Mokuso

Note: We’re currently sifting through 100s of photographs, choosing the ones that best illustrate particular Karate techniques. Please have patience with us, it is quite a significant effort. Stay tuned as we add more every week!