Escape from hold with knee strike

The knee strike is a technique that can target the attackers groin, abdomen, solar plexus, or even head, depending on the situation and position of the opponents. In general, as it is a rather slow strike, it works better from close distance where movements of the legs and knees can not readily be seen or blocked. In particular, the knee strike is most effective when the attacker is pulled into the strike.

Knee Strike

Escape from a hold with a knee strike

The picture sequence shows a knee strike as a method to escape from a hold. In this instance, the attacker has grabbed both arms of the victim. She instantly steps back while grabbing the attackers wrists and twisting them outwards, which bends the attacker forward in an ackward position. Now his upper body is completely open and the knee kick will hit an unprotected target, eg. the solar plexus.

An important aspect of the knee kick is the pulling in. If the attacker is much bigger and heavier than the defendant, then the defendent will pull herself in, which has the same effect – the knee strike hits its target with full momentum.