Middle Block: Chudan Uke – Karate Technique

“Uke” means block in Japanese, and can be performed with hands, arms, legs and feet. ┬áChudan means the middle striking area, from neck down to the belt. Chudan Uke is the standard Karate block to defend against punches in the middle area.

The middle block is a very strong block and can easily be changed into a grappling block, where the attackers arm is grabbed after the successful block to initiate a counter attack.

Karate Photo Tutorial: Middle Block

Begin by having your left arm in the completed Chudan Uke position as shown in the picture. Your left fist should be level with your left
shoulder, with the left elbow one fist away from your body.


From left to right, then next line left to right

Bring the right fist across your body under your left elblow and then begin a large circular motion with the fist going forwards and up.
At the same time bring the left arm across your face before pulling back to the ready position.
The right arm completes the block by pulling back to the body. The end position has your fist palm facing upward and level with your shoulder, with the elbow one fist away from the body.
This completes the right middle block (Chudan Uke). Your left arm is now ready to perform a left Chudan Uke block.

Middle Block – Points to remember:

  • The two arms work in an action reaction movement, meaning as one moves strongly in one direction the other moves equally strongly in the other direction.
  • The arm that pulls back moves across the face in order to protect the upper area (face/throat). It can also be used as a double block parrying the punch into the other arm which then completes the block.
  • The blocking arm completes the block with a slight outwards twist of the wrist, which both helps deflecting the force of the attack as well as providing tension to the blocking arm.
  • At the moment of impact the arm and fist should be locked into position with tension.
  • In order to gain maximum power you will need to have good stance such as Sanchin Dachi or Heiko Dachi.
  • Inhale on the large circular arm motion and exhale on locking the block into position.
  • It is sufficient to parry so that the attackers limb is deflected just past the body. There is not need to take the blocking fist any firther than the shoulder.