I have back, shoulder, knee problems … can I still do Karate?

Answer: As we grow older we all have some legacies of previous sports played or work related injuries. With Karate training you can simply work around them, if something in the training is not good for you, we can do something else.

The general rule is: It is your body and you know it best, so when training be aware of anything that may upset your injury.

In principle, Karate training strengthens the back muscles, and also the muscles and tendons around the shoulders and knees. However, if you contemplate to start Karate as a beginner, it is better not to acerbate existing problems with a new sport that contains movements that you’re not familiar with.

Always consult your medical practitioner before commencing training in any martial art.
If you have minor physical problems that may or may not interfere with your training ability, let your instructor know before training so that your safety and physical health is ensured.