Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Master Terry Lyon reveals secret Karate techniques and explains the meaning of hidden techniques in Katas

The secrets of karate are to be found in the Kata

These secret Karate techniques can only be revealed by a karate instructor who himself has been shown how to unlock these secret techniques so cleverly hidden in the kata by the old masters. A student of karate could practice a kata a thousand times without actually knowing what secret techniques he may be performing.

Yet with guidance from an instructor familiar with the true meaning of the techniques practiced in a kata all can be revealed. This is yet another compelling reason why anyone practicing karate should search for a qualified instructor who really knows what he is doing.

For example in the Kata Saifa, as practiced in Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate, there is a morote zuki (Double Punch) which is actually a hidden technique or secret technique. The real move is actually far more complex and deadly when performed correctly by a trained karateka.

Secrets Of Karate Revealed

Student performing Bunkai from kata Saifa

It involves not a double punch as in the kata but a double open hand finger strike to just above the nipples which shocks the opponent then rapidly followed by a very forceful palm heel strike to the chest which knocks the wind out of the opponent then follows the third move which is a double open hand palm heel push forcing the opponent away from you. There is also a variation of this secret technique which when performed by an expert in its use will actually cause a heart attack.
There lies the secret techniques of karate all in the kata and unlocked by an instructor with the proper training. Imagine how many secret techniques there are in all the kata that exist in all the different styles of karate!

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